Isn’t It Rotetastic

It takes a lot — or, I guess, in this case, too little — to get me to recommend watching a movie at home instead of at a theater.

Well, Isn’t It Romantic is just that little.

A clever premise — Rebel Wilson wakes up in a romantic comedy, and is aware of it, conscious that she’s living through the genre’s tropes — doesn’t necessarily ensure insightful commentary on what it’s satirizing, or how those tropes/stereotypes/cliches profoundly color our perception of reality, and our lives (shoutout to the Nancy Meyers color scheme and general production design aesthetic). Obviously not all spoofs need such highfalutin goals, but without this intellectual component, it becomes that much more imperative to revel in the hilarious extremes of the genre’s hijinks.

Isn’t It Romantic achieves neither.

Do yourself a favor: avoid the shlep outside and, from the comfort of your couch, get you a movie that does both: David Wain’s They Came Together from 2014, a similar parody of romantic comedies that’s actually — woo boy, too many adjectives to list, but lemme give you a flavor of four — hysterical, insightful, and, um, good? Paul Rudd! Amy Poehler! Heck, if you want an unfunny, dismal take on this material, you also don’t need to leave your couch: Date Movie!

In comparison, Isn’t It Romantic is a retread that, at best, merely treads your attention’s water.

Stray Take 1: Did Betty Gilpin’s storyline end up on the cutting room floor?! What a waste.

Stray Take 2: A clever use of the one “fuck” a PG-13 rating allows!

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