‘Bleu Vandross 2’ — Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu’s Bleu Vandross 2 is further proof that 808s & Heartbreak remains Kanye’s most influential album.

Which is somewhat of a surprise, given the relatively tepid response that greeted its initial release. By dipping back into this decade-old well, Bleu yet again raises the age-old conundrum of knowing how to differentiate between autotune deployed for purely artistic purposes…and when it’s used merely to mask a bad voice — call it the 21st century Milli Vanilli (Kanye’s never had stellar pipes, but he’s not shy about flexing them, before and since — when you ain’t got it, still flaunt it!).

Since Bleu’s autotune (what a half-rhyme!) regurgitates a familiar sound instead of altering his voice — one of the primary means of musical communication — in pursuit of something distinct, it’s safe to place this album on the latter half of that unfortunate distinction. As such:

More like Young Ew, AMIRITE?!

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