Ramen Shop | Ash Is Purest White | Working Woman | Out of Blue

From the frying pan into the fires:

Ramen Shop
On my new diet, this would’ve been tantamount to torture porn…if it wasn’t so soft and sensitive, so emotionally and spiritually nourishing and nurturing. Food as transcendent exchange is not a new artistic recipe — nor is the score, straight out of the Hundred Acre Wood — but it’s still filling and fulfilling.

Ash Is Purest White:
Old habits die hard, long after their glory burns to ash.

Working Woman
An over-the-shoulder portrait of being sucked into navigating, professionally and domestically, the endless catch-22s of the insidious, explicit motivations of toxic masculinity in (intrinsic to?) predatorily-patriarchal capitalism, and capital’s capacity to prostitute (thus, the title’s double meaning). Her boss — and the looming threat of sexual harassment he intimidatingly represents — lurk in the background, remaining out of focus while she desperately tries to focus on anything else in the foreground. It plays like a horror movie, powerless to the gruelingly-unfolding, and painstakingly-realized dread of the inevitable horror to come.

Out of Blue
A Hallmark Destroyer. The Happytime Murderswithout the puppets and laughs. Well…without the overtly-intentional yucks, at least. A Lifetime spoof of neo-noir detective procedurals — does it matter that the movie may not be in on its own joke? The same screenplay — line of dialogue for line of dialogue — could be quite-easily directed into a comedy; Jacki Weaver — as the genre’s prototypical, emotionally-ravaged mad woman — is already there, and I’m not sure where James Caan was.

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