Skinnamarink | Accidentally Brave

By the skin of our teeth:

A full-length version of The Thanksgiving Play‘s interludes; education as worldview indoctrination — it’s easier to get them when they’re young! — driven by agendas to teach brainwash the masses into (absurdly) perpetuating the (absurd) status quo of (absurd) power structures. Unsurprisingly, theatre of the absurd is on the docket! Society — and, thus, our lives — are scripted by textbooks written to instill questionable values in susceptible readers. Does this group of actors reflect us, wired from childhood to move like zombies in lockstep according to inherited words (the playwright!) and dictates (the director!) of others?

Accidentally Brave
A character study of either angelic forgiveness, or preservative pathology. Or both?

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