Four Quadrants

All disappointing, to varying degrees:

Fast Color
It’s time for generationally-suppressed superpowers — repressed for fear of the oppression they’ve historically wrought — to be, finally, expressed out in the open. What was once reserved exclusively for the pages of private journals now can, should, will be writ large (in this case: literally, on the big screen).

The White Crow
An actual, unironic line of dialogue uttered herein: “They called me…{dramatic pause}…THE WHITE CROW!!!” Need you know more?

The Intruder
THE QUAID MAY TAKEOVER BEGINS!!! Hopefully he’s saving the best for second.

Ugly, indeed. Why hasn’t there been an animated opera? A more user-friendly description: a show-pop song cycle, where a vast majority of the duration is told in singing, instead of the genre’s damn-near signature cringey dialogue. Musical’s are designed to lean into cringe! Transforming it into shameless joy! Let’s do it!

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