An Intermezzo Aside to the Climate

Speaking of reviving horror tropes relevant to the zeitgeist’s current discourse:

Slaughterhouse Rulez‘s (should that be Rulez‘…or Rulez‘s?? Such a dumb title) whole “our world is built atop oppression that will exact revenge one day” allegorical premise makes me wonder if we’re about to see the return — in the form of sociopolitically-minded deconstructions — of the similarly-minded Haunted “Indian” Burial Ground motif; the very name bears its offensively-ugly history worth deconstructing.

How much did movies like Poltergeist, even in subtext, really dig into its implications? Were the “settlers” at fault for building on pillaged holy ground? Are younger innocents, still benefitting from the fruits of this historical — and historic — plundering, responsible for the sins they inherited?  Or did these stories direct most of the blame at the evil ghosts, without delving into the shadowy events of the past that radicalized them in the first place? Did Hollywood use Native American culture only because of La La Land’s reductive perception of its spiritualism as “spooooooky”?

Filmmakers, have at it!

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