2018-2019 Theatre: Plays

My recap thus far of the 2018-2019 theatre season:

Today: plays!

This post will follow the same format outlined last week, with one exception:

As always, the first two subcategories are ranked in order of personal preference. BUT, this time, the third is listed without rhyme nor reason:

  1. Fairview (Soho Rep.)
  2. “Daddy” (Vineyard/New Group @ Signature)
  3. What to Send Up When It Goes Down (The Movement, A.R.T. NYC)
    • A part of me wants to call it a musical…but that’s a discussion for another day.
  4. The Lehman Trilogy (National Theatre, Park Avenue Armory)
  5. [50/50] old school animation (Under the Radar, The Public)
  6. Nassim (Barrow Street, City Center)
  7. Hurricane Diane (WP Theater, NYTW)
  8. Ain’t No Mo’ (The Public)
  9. Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie (The Mad Ones, Ars Nova at Greenwich House)
  10. Catch As Catch Can (Page 73, New Ohio)
  11. Pass Over (LCT3)
  12. Endlings (A.R.T.)
  13. Usual Girls (Roundabout Underground)
  14. The Pain of My Belligerence (Playwrights Horizons)
  15. White Noise (The Public)
  16. PLANO (Clubbed Thumb, The Wild Project/Connelly Theater)
  17. Suicide Forest (Ma-Yi, Bushwick Starr)
  18. The Chinese Lady (Ma-Yi, Theatre Row)
  19. The Cold Record (Rude Mechs, Under the Radar, The Public)
  20. This American Wife (Next Door @ NYTW)
  21. Lewiston/Clarkston (Rattlestick)

  1. Log Cabin (Playwrights Horizons)
  2. Is This a Room (Half Straddle, The Kitchen)
  3. Something Clean (Roundabout Undeground)
  4. Fire in Dreamland (The Public)
  5. Recent Alien Abductions (The Play Company, Walkerspace)
  6. Everyone’s Fine with Virginia Woolf (Elevator Repair Service, Abrons Arts Center)
  7. Do You Feel Anger? (Vineyard)
  8. Slave Play (NYTW)
  9. you & me (Mummenschanz, John Jay)
  10. The Pumpkin Pie Show Presents: One-on-Ones (UNDER St. Marks)
  11. Marjana and the Forty Thieves (Target Margin Theater)
  12. Bonnie’s Last Flight (Next Door @ NYTW)
  13. Thunderbodies (Soho Rep.)
  14. Skintight (Roundabout)
  15. Good Grief (Vineyard)
  16. Eve’s Song (The Public)
  17. Grief is the Thing With Feathers (Wayward/Complicite, St. Ann’s)

  • The Thanksgiving Play (Playwrights Horizons)
  • Seared (WTF)
  • Fleabag (Soho Playhouse)
  • Six Impossible Things (Wildrence)
  • NERVOUS/SYSTEM (BAM Fisher, Next Wave)
  • Plot Points in Our Sexual Development (LCT3)
  • Bernie and Mikey’s Trip to the Moon (Strangemen Theatre Company, 59E59)
  • The Light (MCC)
  • Intractable Woman (The Play Company, Performance Space)
  • The Jungle (London’s National Theatre / Young Vic, St. Ann’s)
  • Spaceman (Loading Dock, Wild Project)
  • The Mother (Atlantic)
  • Whirlwind (Wild Project)
  • INK: A Piece for Museums (Under the Radar, The Met)
  • On Beckett (Irish Rep)
  • The Emperor (TFANA)
  • Trainspotting (Roy Arias Stages)
  • Cyprus Avenue (Royal Court, The Public)
  • Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties; In Essence, A Queer and Occasionally Hazardous Exploration; Do You Remember When You Were in Middle School and You Read About Shackleton and How He Explored the Antarctic?; Imagine the Antarctic as a Pussy and It’s Sort of Like That (MCC)
  • Ashes (Plexus Polaire, HERE)
  • Noura (Playwrights Horizons)
  • The Courtroom (Waterwell, Judson Memorial Church)
  • Emma and Max (Flea)
  • Marys Seacole (LCT3)
  • Socrates (Onassis Festival, The Public)
  • Accidentally Brave (DR2 Theatre)
  • 17 Border Crossings (NYTW)
  • Hatef**k (Colt Coeur/WP Theater)
  • The Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll’d (Playwrights Realm)
  • Travisville (EST)
  • Girls & Boys (Royal Court, Audible, Minetta Lane)
  • Dan Cody’s Yacht (Manhattan Theatre Club)
  • Agnes (Lesser America, 59E59)
  • Eat the Devil (The Tank)
  • Mother of the Maid (Public)
  • Wonders at Dusk (McKittrick)
  • Frankenstein (Manual Cinema, Under the Radar, The Public)
  • If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka (Playwrights Horizons)
  • As Far As My Fingertips Take Me (Under the Radar, Public)
  • The Damned (Comédie-Française, Park Avenue Armory)
  • Sugar in Our Wounds (MTC)
  • Strange Window: The Turn of the Screw (BAM Harvey, Next Wave)
  • I Was Most Alive with You (Playwrights Horizons)
  • The Convent (Rattlestick, A.R.T. NYC)
  • Generation NYZ (La Mama)
  • Teenage Dick (Ma-Yi, The Public)
  • SKINNAMARINK (Little Lord, Next Door @ NYTW)
  • Nantucket Sleigh Ride (LCT)
  • Queen of Basel (Studio) — Washington, D.C.
  • Days of Rage (2st)
  • The House That Will Not Stand (NYTW)
  • The True (New Group, Signature)
  • Wild Goose Dreams (The Public)
  • Mary Page Marlowe (2st)
  • The Niceties (MTC)
  • Blue Ridge (Atlantic)
  • Pollock (Abrons)
  • HEAR WORD! Naija Woman Talk True (Under the Radar, The Public)
  • Final Follies (Primary Stages, Cherry Lane)
  • The Things That Were There (Abingdon, Bushwick Starr)
  • Fireflies (Atlantic)
  • Borders (Next Door @ NYTW)
  • Dangerous House (WTF)
  • About Alice (TFANA)
  • Joan (Colt Coeur, HERE)
  • Eddie and Dave (Atlantic)
  • The Song of Summer (Trinity Rep)
  • Behind the Sheet (EST)
  • Good Friday (Flea)
  • God Said This (Primary Stages, Cherry Lane)
  • Radio Delirio (Wooster Group)
  • The Hard Problem (LCT)
  • Apologia (Roundabout)
  • India Pale Ale (MTC)
  • Life Sucks. (Wheelhouse, Wild Project
  • Minor Character (New Saloon, Under the Radar, Public)
  • Imagining Madoff (New Light Theater Project, 59E59)
  • Gloria: A Life (Daryl Roth Theater)
  • Nylon (Blockchain Theater Project, Theaterlab)
  • Adam (National Theatre of Scotland, Skirball)
  • Actually, We’re Fucked (Cherry Lane)
  • Downstairs (Primary Stages, Cherry Lane)
  • Five Easy Pieces (NYU Skirball)
  • JACK & (BAM Next Wave, Fisher)
  • The Cake (MTC)
  • The Neurology of the Soul (Untitled Theater Company #61, A.R.T. NYC)
  • Secret Life of Humans (Brits Off Broadway, 59E59)
  • Grey Rock (La Mama)
  • Ionesco Suite (Théâtre de la Ville, BAM Fisher)
  • The Enigmatist (Highline Hotel)
  • I Hear You and Rejoice (Irish Arts)
  • Intelligence (Dutch Kills, Next Door @ NYTW)
  • LaBute New Theater Festival (Davenport)
  • Private Peaceful (TBG)
  • Natural Shocks (WP)
  • On Blueberry Hill (Fishamble, 59E59)
  • Red State Blue State (Audible, Minetta Lane)
  • Awake (Barrow Group)
  • The Gods of Comedy (McCarter)
  • Surely, Goodness, and Mercy (Keen, Theatre Row)
  • Smart Blonde (59E59)
  • SKIN (Broken Box Mime Theater, A.R.T. NYC)
  • Maestro (Ensemble for the Romantic Century, Duke)
  • I’m Not A Comedian … I’m Lenny Bruce (Cutting Room)
  • My Life on a Diet (St. Clement’s)
  • Vitaly: Evening of Wonders (Westside)
  • The Closet (WTF)
  • Vilna (Theatre at Clement’s)
  • After (59E59)

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