Doc Trip

Not even a holiday — I’m OBVIOUSLY referring to my birthday yesterday, NOT Labor Day 😉 — can stop Write All Nite’s resident Pretend Film Programmer (AKA: it me) from pontificating on connections between new(ish) movies:

Since vacation mode’s still upon us, the pontificating shall be kept to a minimum…

…which, I guess, makes it not pontificating?

Let’s pontif away with a rare TRIPLE feature of documentaries!

Start with American Factory to get audiences thinking about the relationship between China and America, and then hit them with the one-two punch of 2018’s People’s Republic of Desire and 2019’s Jawline.

Though two of the three were given recent theatrical releases, Hulu and Netflix limited them to one week in New York and Los Angeles. Because that’s where the lion’s share of consumers willing to pay to see them in public live? Partially. With some marketing (and if they weren’t available at home concurrently), pockets of other metropolises would probably show out, particularly for the #Relevant (and Obama-approved) American Factory. But Hulu and Netflix don’t want people watching their #content in theaters; they only care about theatrical to qualify for the Academy Awards, because a nomination would surely lure couch-bound streamers, a loophole the Oscars should close.

BUT, until that day comes (it probably never will), most of you will be stuck watching American Factory, People’s Republic of Desire, and Jawline at your humble abode…which you can do right now!

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