Mount Yucksmore

A short one for you this afternoon.

That’s what she said.


Before you shun Write All Nite forever because of that childish jest, would it change your mind to learn that such amateurish comedy is the subject of today’s post???

If you can, take yourself back to your elementary school days; what were your friend group’s foundational comedic movies? I’m not talking about parent-approved-and-recommended Disney fairy tales; I’m referring to the comedies that you and your besties would marathon over and over and over and over and over again, maybe during — but by no means limited to — all-night sleepovers, to the point where lines of dialogue, voice-imitations, and physical mannerisms penetrated your everyday lexicon, behavior, and being.

Not sure about you, but I know that these movies permanently colored my comic sensibilities (in fact, who I am as a person is probably inseparable from the influence of these flicks…which will be, after you look at the list, a little alarming!). Yes, artistic taste can and should always be broadened.

And renovated.

And revised.

And rebuilt.

But foundations are foundations, and it’s hard to irrevocably upend them forever.

I call these four movies my Mount Yucksmore, and I have a feeling that every generation would pick different titles, based on their adolescent environment and the space-time culture(s) they were raised in.

My Mount Yucksmore:

  1. Austin Powers
  2. American Pie
  3. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  4. Dude, Where’s My Car?

In that order. And Judd Apatow dominated my teenage period immediately following.

…The contents of that list are likely unsurprising to any readers who’ve slogged through my embarrassingly blue humor for years now.

But before you throw stones from that glass house of yours, how about you name your OG Mount Yucksmore??

So that WE can laugh at YOU.

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