Dear Noah, or: Film Talk Radio

“Let’s welcome Noah Baumbach to the e-stage.  

If you have a question for him, please come to the mic.”

“Hey Mr. Gerwig. Longtime fan, first-time questioner.

Throughout your oeuvre, multiple characters across different movies randomly discuss the Knicks. Assuming you’re a fellow sufferer supporter of the team — a safe assumption — well, first off: my apologies.

But also: would you say the annual, perpetually-cyclical Knicksian tradition of false hope leading to inevitable doom has informed either your worldview, that of your characters, or just generally the existential philosophy undergirding your cinema/life?

I’ll hang up and listen. Keep doing you.”

2 thoughts on “Dear Noah, or: Film Talk Radio

  1. Anonymous

    Unlike most on WFAN who hang up and listen, you have to stick with your team through thick and thin, year after year, decade after decade. This summer, the Knicks will gussie up the team via free agency and trades, and then next year we might be able to enjoy a true Marriage Story.


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