Waters Me Down

And here I feared my brain was too depraved…

Ever since sharing this prediction as to how the Covid era might influence the next generation of horror movies, I’ve been shvitzing over the ethics of seemingly trivializing such a tragic event by discussing how it may inform an often-frivolous genre (like…is even the word “shvitzing” too light-hearted to be tonally appropriate in the same sentence as Covid?).

Well, shameless John Waters has put debatably-ashamed me to shame.

Here’s the man himself, flying in off the top fucking rope:

“I’m looking forward to the first Covid exploitation movie. Covid-sploition! The virus comes back or somebody purposely spreads it, David Cronenberg should do it…I do fear Cov-AIDS, because people are just wild again, they’re pent up. I hope there is no such thing. Maybe that would be the exploitation movie. Or the porn.”

Long may he reign make it rain on us.

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