Start the Presses

Extra, read all about it: Write All Nite’s breaking into the breaking news game!!!


BUT, I do have a Taylor Mac scoop that was news to me, and since I try to keep relatively abreast of Mac’s projects, I figured others also might not be privy to the deets.

My Tay-Tay just finished a week of performances at Joe’s Pub, and dropped the bomb at Friday’s (and probably the rest?) that they were a workshop run for an upcoming large-scale production.

It’ll be comprised of 54 (!) songs, one for every year since Stonewall (math: it’ll be staged in 2024), each about a different queer figure who lived between then and now. In Mac’s typically atypical fashion: it won’t be clear whom some of the songs are about. Atypical for Mac: it’ll be largely sung-through, without interludes of commentary. In their place will be purely musical segues (by, typically, Matt Ray!), choreographed by Faye Driscoll.

Other typicals: Machine Dazzle on costumes, Niegel Smith at the helm.

Though Mac’s Joe’s Pub stint was dubbed “Sugar in the Tank” — a homophobic term in the South; typical Mac: appropriating expressions of oppression to celebrate who and what the expressions were intended to oppress, and to satirize the unaware folly of the oppressors — it’s merely a working title.

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