Let’s Get Rowdy

This one’s for me…but not solely for me (hopefully).

A programming idea for my beloved movie theaters:

Remember the Cats movie?

I’ll wait until you finish vomiting. 

In the months leading up to the Covid Shutdown of 2020, Alamo Drafthouses around the country were doing gangbusters business with “Rowdy” Cats screenings.

Rowdy isn’t my description; that was the official name.

The idea being: there were enough lunatics like me in the world who wanted to gather with like-minded idiots to communally celebrate the glorious trash that is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s disasterpiece. The normal rules on audience etiquette did not apply here; they were called Rowdy Screenings for a reason.

Yes, plural. Though initially announced as a one-off, the first screening was so successful that another was added. Then another. And then another. 

And they would’ve kept piling on, if not for the aforementioned shutdown.

I’m sure the tradition will return once Covid is no longer garnering headlines (that’ll be the day), but in the meantime:

I have an idea for a new Rowdy Screening, one that could once again convince my fellow Broadway geeks to get off their couch-asses, make their way to a theater, and fork over some dough for a ticket:

Remember the Diana musical? 


That’s right; while you were quarantining, I and –um– a large fistful of other fans started the Diana musical movement.

Oh, don’t believe me? How about this video from its final performance:

Or how about this recap of a recent cabaret performance by Jeanna de Waal (the princess herself!), courtesy of Broadway News:

Last night, Jeanna de Waal (fresh off of originating the title role in Diana The Musical on Broadway and Netflix) headlined 54 Below, playing to A LOVING AND ENTHUSIASTIC CROWD.

Rowdy enough for you?

Meanwhile, Netflix released a filmed recording of the show last year, ready to be streamed now. 

But where’s the fun in that? And, more importantly for theaters, where’s the money in that?

But what about a Rowdy Screening at Netflix’s Paris Theater?? Or the IFC Center?? I saw tick, tick…BOOM! with a packed house at the former, and countless crowded NTLives at the latter, so I know these theaters cater to the theater-obsessed.

Caveats: Netflix won’t cede their screens to non-Oscar players for the time being. And, again, Covid isn’t conducive to the party atmosphere of Rowdy Screenings.

But later this year (prayers up), Rowdy Screenings of Diana could be gold.


Well, the weight in gold of at least one movie ticket.


And if you disagree, then I guess that makes us hordes:

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