Colons for a Cinematic Colonoscopy


Today’s subject: Kenneth Branagh and cancellations.

But first:

Does artistic prolificacy lead to auteur recycling?

Case in point: 

Kenny: two movies in a matter of months, both featuring extended, steamy dance sequences between lovers.

And now, an inverse reoccurrence:

Belfast: starts in color, flashes back in time to black and white.

Death on the Nile: starts black and white in the past, skips ahead in time to color. 

Hopefully I’ve come far enough down in this article to bury a more incendiary claim: 

Back to those dance scenes: Jamie Dornan’s in one, Armie Hammer’s in the other. 50 Shades of Grey? Christian Grey?? Armie Hammer???



Armie’s introduction in the movie: while uttering his very first line of dialogue, he mimes taking a bite out of his lady. 

Excuse me what?

How about a shared coincidence(?) between Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile:

What do Armie Hammer, Letitia Wright, Gal Gadot and Johnny Depp have in common?

Their online reputations have radically shifted courtesy of social media (and courtesy of questionably-ethical behavior whose ethics vary in degrees of questionability).

Though undoubtedly unintentional, the pattern of this casting fits right at home in the thematic world of Agatha Christie:

Everyone’s secretly nefarious! Everyone conceals dark truths! Everyone could be a suspect, given the right (wrong?) lens!

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