Merry Me

Coincidence, or something more?

On Thursday night, I saw Act One of Jeen-yuhs (why only part uno? Because theaters have been too cowardly to screen the next two!), a moth-circling-the-flame, fly-on-the-wall, observational documentary about Kanye West. The conceit sells itself: from early in Kanye’s career, a documentarian embedded himself as an ubiquitous presence in Kanye’s life, capturing the everyday behind-the-scenes of his trials, triumphs and tribulations.

The filmmaker’s name: Coodie.

On Friday morning, I saw Marry Me, Jennifer Lopez’s bid to resuscitate the rom-com. She plays a pop star whose every move is exhaustively and exhaustingly chronicled on social media. As a constant reminder of her incessantly gawked-at life, a filmmaker records her every breath.

His name: Kofi.

Coodie?? Kofi??

C’mon! What’re the odds!

I’m unsure as to why these (random?) connections between pieces of art tend to intrigue me…maybe because sussing out meaningful patterns from potentially meaningless reoccurrences is our lot in life as perception-based beings? Do these trends reveal something about the world, or are they all in the eye of the beholder?

Is there a difference?

My point exactly.

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