The subtext-as-text of my musings and ramblings on X:

Porn should be a more frequent subject of artistic exploration.

As is the case with X, porn-in-art tends to be about the behind-the-scenes toxicity of the industry itself, usually set in the early, “X-rated” days of this ancient genre’s moving-image era.

Which is great! We need more of that as well!

But why has art dropped the ball on porn’s modern variants? What about the front-facing side of porn, and how it interacts with contemporary audiences?

The pervasive accessibility of endless online fucking has fundamentally shaped how a generation — at this point: generations? — view and conceive of sex, gender, and relationships. If what we watch colors our perception, then art is doing everyone a disservice by not wrestling with what wide swaths of the population consume daily regarding basic topics of high import.

Why does porn deserve to be within art’s purview? Because, ladies and gents, whether you like it or not, porn *is* art.

And shouldn’t artists address their voluminously-watched “fringes”?

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