Roles Roles Roles

Memory is slippery.

Which is why I always love when the same actor pops up in multiple new movies within the span of a few weeks.

There’s value in these immediate side-by-side(-by-side!) comparisons, because our perception of an actor’s craft is often defined primarily by their most memorable work, even though EVERY entry in their resume should somewhat alter our overall conception of their talent(s).

Some recent examples:

You can currently see Javier Bardem on the big screen in both The Good Boss and…Lyle Lyle Crocodile! That’s Mrs. Potts —> Mrs. Lovett Angela Lansbury range right there (pour one out).

But Justin Long scoffs at a mere two movies; he had not one (Barbarian), obviously not two (House of Darkness), but THREE (CLERKS III) MOVIES ALL HIT CINEMAS THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 9!!!

And then there’s Alessandro Nivola, who demonstrated twice in two months — thanks to Spin Me Round AND Amsterdam — the extent to which casters have wasted his untapped comedic chops.

His hairdo in the latter is gold, I tell ya.


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