Living Rent-Free

There are two types of people in this world:

When one type is asked, “What’s the time?” — whether it be morning, noon, or night — these people clapback with:


And the other type aren’t Rent stans. 

Recall my overwrought thoughts on Spirited’s “Good Afternoon” (robbed of an Oscar nomination! Hey Academy: good afternoon), specifically how earworms from musicals so lodge themselves into their fans’ psyches that they become forever associated with such ubiquitous phrases. Similarly — as the Rent hypothetical demonstrates — when the show-tune obsessed hear lyrics from a beloved song coincidentally dropped into everyday conversation, they can’t help but respond with the next line; it’s an example of art reshaping we losers’ relationship with the colloquial lexicon.

For instance:

If someone wakes up and remarks, “Oh, what a beautiful mornin’”, you’re no friend of mine if you don’t follow-up with, “Oh, what a beautiful day!”

(You might not be my friend, but at least you have a life; congrats, props, kudos, and good afternoon).

Any others spring to mind??

Because they’re legion.

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