Write On

“…but did you like it?”

That’s far and away the most common question asked of me in any discussion about a piece of art.

Longtime readers of Write All Nite will know how rarely I delve into such qualitative terrain. I have finite time (Write All Nite is a one-man band), so when deciding which of my takes to flesh out into actual articles, I tend to gravitate away from “thumbs up/down, and here’s why” — unless it leads to sufficiently interesting analysis.

But y’all seem to want to hear which direction my thumb is pointing, and I guess you’ve convinced me.

So welcome to a new series on Write All Nite, which I’m dubbing TLDW. It’s a riff on TLDR (translation for the uninterneted: Too Long Didn’t Read). Thus, TLDW = Too Long Didn’t Write (All Nite). These posts will be devoted to my thoughts that don’t pass the bar for further elucidation.

Case in point, here’s my TLDW judgment on Jackie Chan’s new movie Ride On:

There are so many different, potentially good movies in Ride On.

And there are even a few actually good movies.

But most of it is not a good movie. 

And yet. 

Experiencing this mishmash can start to feel like a trip.

And a weird trip can be enough sometimes…some of the time.

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