Roll Curtain

It also me, the nonsensically-obsessed chronicler of curtain-call norms.

So when you see a musical with a ginormous cast, do you ever find your eyes glomming onto a particular chorus member? So much so that, after the show, you may want to look up their name, research their background, keep apprised of their work going forward, etc?

Which is where you might fall into a common predicament.

Does anyone else ever have trouble matching a headshot in the Playbill with the corresponding thespian on stage?? Remember: headshots are advertising, and what do they say about truth in advertising? Plus, Playbills insist on using teensy tiny images, like pictures for ants with magnifying glasses.

Well, the current Broadway revival of Bob Fosse’s Dancin‘ solves this problem.

Through cinema.

As each dancer takes their individual bow, THEIR NAMES ARE PROJECTED ONTO THE BACK WALL ABOVE THEM, like a credits sequence from a cheesy 20th-century sitcom (is there a dairy-free kind?).

More curtain calls should mooch this casual brilliance.

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