News Roundup

Another round of news:

Belated postscript: Kudos to Coogler for choosing a smaller but no less important story in desperate need of the attention that his Black Panther followup will undoubtedly garner.

Case in point!

The new digs with their added resources will hopefully — and probably? — improve the quality of the productions as well!

I must highlight this quote: “I would say as groundbreaking as Angels was, it hasn’t changed the American theatre enough. I don’t place the responsibility for that with Kushner but with…producers who don’t take the risk of leading their audiences, instead of being led by them.”

A subtly brilliant part of this fundraising campaign by Film Forum is the implication that patrons may bump into McDormand or her hubby (half of the Coen Brothers) if they frequent the theater. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ART HOUSE CINEMAS!!!

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