Parsing the Career of Jim Parsons (Briefly)

Jim Parsons is finally turning into a good actor!

Or, at least he’s finally choosing roles that require him to act, instead of those that allow him merely to rely on his usual performative shtick, popularized on TV in The Big Bang Theory and on Broadway in Harvey and An Act of God.

Or or, perhaps he’s just growing into his talent?

Or or or, since he’s cemented his career and gained a broad following through the broadest of artistic means, he’s now free to wander into more nuanced — and potentially less financially-lucrative — territory.

To his credit, he’s guiding his loyal fanbase to the worthiest of material, from the current Broadway revival of the tragically-unknown yet undeniably-seminal The Boys in the Band, to his new independent film A Kid Like Jake, centered around proudly-liberal parents facing the limits of their liberality in response to their growing suspicion that they have a transgender child.   

In both, he’s almost exploring his aforementioned shtick by deconstructing it, peeling its layers back to reveal the neuroses that can manifest themselves in such external ways.

More please!

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