Album Roundup: November 2-8

A light week, with one heavy hitter:


FM! — Vince Staples

How many more albums of this caliber will Vince Staples have to release until he gets the respects he deserves as one of the best producers in the game today? Stringing the title’s conceit throughout the transitions is just one of many strokes of genius herein.


Golden — Kylie Minogue

Drop-oriented tunes aren’t really my jam anymore (back in my college days they were ALL the rage, and you better believe I raged [self-aware ironic lol]). But if I’m going to jam to any, you best believe there’ll be some of this folk-country-girl-pop jam smeared all over.


Sincerely, Tokyo — MadeinTYO

He’s better when metro booming, not trapping. At least I now understand his name: Made-in-TokYO, referring to how his time in Tokyo helped shape him — GET IT?!?!



MadeinTYO’s metro booming > Metro Boomin’s metro booming. The sole highlight: 21 Savage’s whisper-rap.


The Last Rocket — Takeoff

Almost by definition, one rapper cannot replicate Migos’ triptych magic; they’re not named Migo for a reason. On his recent solo album, Quavo wisely compensated for his amigos’ absence by diversifying the group’s usual producing. Takeoff’s lone venture, on the other hand, is simply Migos-lite; 1/3-lite, to be exact (also, his voice is Future-lite). The beats sound like discarded first drafts of Migos bangers.

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