‘Adult Life Skills’

I know she’s now Dr. Who, but Jodie Whittaker deserves a signature big screen role that catapults her into the American solar system of stars.

Because Adult Life Skills ain’t it, kid.

No matter how skilled the pilot, it’s tough to shoot into the stratosphere with such a worn-down rocket.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: a familiar and familial light dramedy about a quirky outsider with justified arrested development suffering from a quarter-life crisis who comes-of-age at too late an age. Here are a few adjectives, pejoratives, and phrases I wrote in my notebook while watching: a sweet, quaint, folksy, pleasant, endearing, affable, good-natured, genial-spirited, kindhearted and heartfelt, cute without being cloying, sentimental without being saccharine, but predictable, formulaic, and thus ultimately forgettable diversion.

No joke, the final scene (pictured above) includes every major character celebrating their happy ending, together, AT A PARTY, UNIRONICALLY!!!  Harmless, but not great, bub.

In other words, Adult Life Skills is fine; just not the stuff star-making is made of.

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