Rounding Up

Some stray musings from my recent moviegoing rovings (and ravings): 

The Woman Who Ran: Hong Sangsoo is to Cinema what Richard Nelson is to Theatre.

Jungle Cruise: aRe CgI sNaKeS hAvInG a MoMeNt?!?!?!

Sneakers: Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’ses are basically spiritual, slicker sequels.

Ben Kingsley: kingly at the wondrously unplaceable accent. 

L’Avventura: Is the younger brother in Wedding Crashers based on the painter-of-nudes here?? The pampered son of high society! The hair! The outfit! The personality! Not the sexuality!

The Grandmaster: Can one (1!) NYC theater please screen the longer versions????

2046: Pair it with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for a 2004 double feature of big-concept sci-fi that stretches the bounds of our known reality to untangle the past’s inescapable influence on our criss-crossing narratives of romance.

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