Colman Domingo Knows

Write All Nite has been screaming for Broadway to become a home to the horror genre.

Just scroll on down for the receipts.

True story: I once spotted Jason Blum — Blumhouse, heard of it? — at a show, and I actually went up to him with these ideas.

Well, clearly I didn’t convince him, but someone must be listening (or, you know, great minds think alike? If only my mind was great); here’s the opening paragraph of a recent New York Times announcement:

“Horror films have become a rare bright spot for contemporary Hollywood. Now a group of theater artists is hoping the genre can work on Broadway, too.”

We did it, Joason.

The involvement of Laurie Metcalf and Joe Mantello should lend the Lyceum Theatre stage the necessary prestige to downward dog the upturned noses of the Great White Way’s play audiences (think: “elevated” A24, or whatever; elitists).

Now let’s hope it’s — what’s the word? Ah yes: — good?

But regardless, it’s a start!

Also, is Laurie a horror fan? She was in Broadway’s last bid to induce fear: Misery.

Unfortunately, the production was a horror show for other reasons, and I ain’t talking about genre here.

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