2018-2019 Theatre: Play Categories

My recap thus far of the 2018-2019 theatre season:

Today: Play Categories!

Note: I categorically reject any at all category rigidity. Par exemple: who says that only one actor should win their respective category per year? Sometimes — as you’ll see below — performers from the same show, usually pitted against each other, ALL deserve EQUAL recognition, because their performances cannot be evaluated separately. Par another exemple: why should someone win an award for only one show when they’ve turned in miraculous work, all eligible for the same category, in multiple shows in a single season (at the same time, not ALL of their work in that season need be recognized; only the worthy)? If awards are meant to memorialize the moment for the historical record, we should strive to expand the bounds of that time capsule as much as possible, making room for achievements that fall outside the conventional standard. Isn’t that, um, like, kind of the point?

  1. Julia Mounsey & Mo Fry Pasic, [50/50] old school animation
  2. Halley Feiffer, The Pain of My Belligerence
  3. Shannon Tyo, The Chinese Lady
  4. Kathryn Erbe, Something Clean
  5. Mia Barron, Hurricane Diane
  6. Annie McNamara, Everyone’s Fine With Virginia Woolf
  7. Emily Davis, Is This a Room
  8. Teyonah Parris, Slave Play
  9. Jessica Frances Duke, By the Way, Meet Vera Stark
  10. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag
  11. Kristine Haruna Lee, Suicide Forest
  12. Edie Falco, The True
  13. Heather Raffo, Noura
  14. Annapurna Sriram, Whirlwind
  15. Kristin Griffith, Lewiston/Clarkston
  16. Kathryn Hunter, The Emperor

  1. MaYaa Boateng / Roslyn Ruff / Heather Alicia Simms, Fairview
  2. Danielle Skraastad, Hurricane Diane
  3. Jeanine Serralles, Catch As Catch Can
  4. Charlayne Woodard, “Daddy”
  5. Megan Hill, Do You Feel Anger? / Eddie and Dave
  6. Stephanie Wright Thompson, Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie
  7. Yvonne Woods, Uncle Vanya
  8. Sheria Irving, White Noise
  9. Vanessa Kai, The Pain of My Belligerence
  10. Patrice Johnson Chevannes, Mies Julie / Good Grief
  11. Carra Patterson, By the Way, Meet Vera Stark
  12. Abby Corrigan, Usual Girls
  13. Samira Wiley, Dangerous House
  14. Ellen Lauren, The Bacchae
  15. Hattie Morahan, Grief is the Thing With Feathers
    • Voice acting: considered unfairly lesser-than in movies, lesserer-than — perhaps by virtue of its paucity— in theatre.


So many Michaels!

  1. Simon Russell Beale, Ben Miles & Adam Godley, The Lehman Trilogy
  2. Jay O. Sanders, Uncle Vanya
  3. Michael C. Hall, Thom Pain (based on nothing)
  4. Jon Michael Hill & Namir Smallwood, Pass Over
  5. Scott Shepherd, Gatz
  6. Michael Stuhlbarg, Socrates
  7. Michael Breslin & Patrick Foley, This American Wife
  8. Edmund Donovan, Lewiston/Clarkston
  9. Clay McLeod Chapman, The Pumpkin Pie Show Presents: One-on-Ones
  10. Ronald Peet, “Daddy”
  11. Stephen Rea, Cyprus Avenue
  12. Bill Irwin, On Beckett
  13. James Udom, Mies Julie
  14. Kirk Lynn, The Cold Record
  15. Vin Knight, Everyone’s Fine With Virginia Woolf
  16. Cillian Murphy, Grief is the Thing With Feathers
  17. Aasif Mandvi, Sakina’s Restaurant
  18. Ammar Haj Ahmad, The Jungle

  1. Pete Simpson, Is This a Room / Gatz
  2. Hamish Linklater, The Pain of My Belligerence
  3. Rafael Sardina, Recent Alien Abductions
  4. Jesse Pennington, Uncle Vanya
  5. Jordan E. Cooper, Ain’t No Mo’
  6. Christopher Livingston, Something Clean
  7. Joe Curnutte, Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie
  8. Alan Cumming, “Daddy”
  9. Luke Robertson, Fairview
  10. Gabriel Ebert, Pass Over
  11. Marc Bovino, Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie
  12. Brooks Ashmanskas, The Closet
  13. Omer Abbas Salem, Eddie and Dave

  1. Whitney White, What To Send Up When It Goes Down
  2. Raja Feather Kelly, Fairview
  3. Kelly Bartnik, PLANO
  4. Mummenschanz, you & me

  1. Montana Levi Blanco, Ain’t No Mo’ / Fairview / The House That Will Not Stand
  2. Mummenschanz, you & me
  3. Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie / Usual Girls
  4. Dina El-Aziz, Marjana and the Forty Thieves
  5. Dede Ayite, If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka
  6. Oana Botez, Thunderbodies
  7. David C. Woolard, I Was Most Alive with You

  1. Tim Etchells, Table Top Shakespeare
  2. Whitney White, What to Send Up When It Goes Down
  3. Sam Mendes, The Lehman Trilogy
  4. Lila Neugebauer, Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie
  5. Richard Nelson, Uncle Vanya
  6. Danya Taymor, “Daddy” / Pass Over
  7. Sarah Benson, Fairview
  8. Ken Rus Schmoll, Catch As Catch Can
  9. Peter Mills Weiss & Julia Mounsey, [50/50] old school animation
  10. Stevie Walker-Webb, Ain’t No Mo’
  11. Sammi Cannold, Endlings
  12. Leigh Silverman, Hurricane Diane
  13. Taylor Reynolds, PLANO
  14. Trip Cullman, The Pain of My Belligerence
  15. John Collins, Gatz / Everyone’s Fine With Virginia Woolf?
  16. Oliver Butler, Thom Pain (based on nothing)
  17. Andrew Schneider & Alicia ayo Ohs, NERVOUS/SYSTEM
  18. David Herskovits, Marjana and the Forty Thieves
  19. Aya Ogawa, Suicide Forest
  20. Mummenschanz, you & me
  21. Stephen Daldry, An Inspector Calls / The Jungle
  22. Margot Bordelon, Something Clean
  23. Davis McCallum, Lewiston/Clarkston
  24. Annie Tippe, Bonnie’s Last Flight
  25. Adam Spreadybury-Maher & Greg Esplin, Trainspotting
  26. Enda Walsh, Grief is the Thing With Feathers
  27. Margot Bordelon, Do You Feel Anger?

  1. Kate McGee, Marjana and the Forty Thieves / [50/50] old school animation
  2. Andrew Schneider & Chu-hsuan Chang, NERVOUS/SYSTEM
  3. Mummenschanz, you & me
  4. Mark Barton, Gatz
  5. Jen Schriever, Thom Pain (based on nothing)
  6. Dallas Estes, Radio Delirio
  7. Wonders at Dusk
  8. Simon Cleveland, Spaceman
  9. Amith Chandrashaker, Fairview / Fire in Dreamland
  10. Thomas Dunn, Is This a Room
  11. Marcus Doshi, Pass Over
  12. David Todaro, 17 Border Crossings
  13. Jiyoun Chang, Something Clean
  14. Isabella Byrd, PLANO
  15. Jane Cox & Teresa James, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
  16. R. Lee Kennedy, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine
  17. Adam Honoré, Behind the Sheet
  18. Jon Clark, The Jungle
  19. Ben Stanton, The Pain of My Belligerence
  20. Isabella Byrd, “Daddy”
  21. Rajiv Pattani, Nassim
  22. Stacey Derosier, Lewiston/Clarkston
  23. Yi Zhao, Thunderbodies
  24. Rude Mechs, The Cold Record
  25. Oliver Wason, The Chinese Lady
  26. Ryan Seelig, Everyone’s Fine With Virginia Woolf
  27. Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew, Suicide Forest
  28. Kate McGee, Marie and Bruce

  1. Nick Powell, The Lehman Trilogy
  2. Aleshea Harris, What to Send Up When It Goes Down
  3. Jerome Ellis & James Harrison Monaco, INK: A Piece for Museums
  4. Eamon Goodman, Marjana and the Forty Thieves
  5. Kyle Vegter & Ben Kauffman, Frankenstein
  6. Joy Ike, Good Grief
  7. Daniel Kluger, I Was Most Alive with You
  8. Dave Price, The Emperor

  1. Es Devlin, The Lehman Trilogy
  2. Jason Sherwood, Endlings
  3. Matt Saunders, “Daddy”
  4. Mimi Lien, Fairview
  5. Ian MacNeil, An Inspector Calls
  6. Miriam Buether, The Jungle
  7. Amy Rubin, Thom Pain (based on nothing)
  8. Carolyn Mraz, Marjana and the Forty Thieves
  9. Mark Wendland, The Pain of My Belligerence
  10. Carolyn Mraz, Spaceman
  11. Arnulfo Maldonado, Catch As Catch Can / Usual Girls
    • A master at making the most out of the least.
  12. Jian Jung, Suicide Forest
  13. Meredith Ries, Bonnie’s Last Flight
  14. Rude Mechs, The Cold Record
  15. Dane Laffrey, Lewiston/Clarkston
  16. Es Devlin, Girls & Boys
  17. Junghyun Georgia Lee, The Chinese Lady
  18. Clint Ramos, Wild Goose Dreams / Slave Play
  19. You-Shin Chen & Laura Jellinek, Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie
  20. Julia Noulin-Mér, Emma and Max
  21. Reid Thompson, Something Clean
  22. Susan Hilferty, Fire in Dreamland
  23. Lizzie Clachan, Cyprus Avenue
  24. Carolyn Mraz, Infinite Love Party

  1. Mikaal Sulaiman, Fairview
  2. Helen Atkinson, Grief is the Thing With Feathers
  3. Leegrid Stevens, Spaceman
  4. Ben Williams, Gatz
  5. Andrew Schneider & Sadah Espii Proctor, NERVOUS/SYSTEM
  6. Will Pickens, Uncle Vanya
  7. Chris Masullo & Peter Mills Weiss, [50/50] old school animation
  8. Lee Kinney, “Daddy”
  9. Rude Mechs, The Cold Record
  10. Jimin Brelsford & Tina Satter, Is This a Room
  11. Michael Costagliolia, This American Wife
  12. Fan Zhang, Suicide Forest
  13. Palmer Hefferan, Marys Seacole
  14. Andrew Maillet, Radio Delirio
  15. Ben Kauffman & Kyle Vegter, Frankenstein
  16. Tyler Kieffer, PLANO
  17. Tei Blow, Usual Girls
  18. Lindsay Jones, Slave Play
  19. David Herskovits, Marjana and the Forty Thieves

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