Crooked from the Horse’s Mouth

Aaaaaand here’s my comeuppance for deigning to discuss Quentin Tarantino news/rumors. 

The problem lies in that slash mark. 

The dude is so chatty, and such a fabulator, that it’s difficult to keep track of his endless myriad of contemplated projects. And it’s damn near impossible to separate the real ones from the mere fantasies (anyone else still waiting for the decades-promised Vega Brothers collab / [insert here any of QT’s other mentioned-then-aborted ideas, which outnumber his actual output by a factor of infinity]?).

And since he’s currently on a media blitz to promote his new book, no mortal can scour all of his interviews to maintain a comprehensive registry of his artistic cockteases.  

For instance, I may have suspected I cracked the code on a Reservoir Dogs play. Well, apparently that code had already been cracked…by the man himself.

From his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast (I know, I know), which I’m only getting around to now:

“I want to do Hateful Eight onstage and I want to do Reservoir Dogs onstage.”

For the record, everything outlined last week could also apply to this (almost sure never to happen) iteration of The Hateful Eight (then again, QT reviving one of his most loathed movies would be very QT).

And why’s it gotta be either/or? How about a rare double-feature for theatre??

Scratch that.

If we include his Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood play, the man could go full John Cassavetes on our asses; round up his famous thesps, rent out a warehouse, retrofit it for live performance, and then unleash the Quentin Tarantino Repertory on the world. Heck, the guy could screen his movies in the warehouse on off-days for the company.

And yes, I’m committed to writing this concept into existence.

Because obviously Quentin Tarantino is a loyal reader of Write All Nite

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