From Razzies to Oscar

How about some more awards talk?

First topic: Is A Score to Settle Razzies-material?

Before answering, let me note that winning one should be considered in no way a dishonor; rather than rewarding the worst of the worst — which, if they did, the institution may as well be renamed the MarvelsBut who needs that negativity in the world? — the Razzies could be dedicated to memorializing the best of the worst, the best worst movies of the year, the highest achievements in cinematic bafflement. In other words, they should be for DelightmaresA Score to Settle wouldn’t contend, because it doesn’t climb…er…descend those great heights…er…depths? Then again, nothing this year could stop the runaway juggernaut that would be Serenity in a Return of the King sweep.

As for other categories:

Matthew McConaughey’s in the midst of a rare year that includes both a Razzie-level (Serenity!) AND an Oscar-level performance (The Beach Bum!). Additional Best Actor nominees: Keanu Reeves (Replicas!), The Cage, and The (dennis) Quaid (The IntruderA Dog’s Journey!) and John Travolta (Trading Paint! The Poison Rose!) doubles up. Speaking of The Poison Rose: Brendan Fraser — yes, that Brendan Fraser; he’s still acting! Or, at least, he’s trying to… — walks away with Supporting Actor, over Never Grow Old’s John Cusack, We Have Always Lived in the Castle’s Crispin Glover, and Serenity’s Jason Clarke (the movie’s only loss!). Elsewhere, Serenity’s Diane Lane narrowly defeats Jacki Weaver’s Out of Blue bid.

Now how about a few thoughts on the real thing?

Last week, I predicted that Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood will be another Quentin Tarantino also-ran at the Academy Awards. Well…I rescind that opinion for a new prediction: it might win Best Picture! QT’s “overdue”! Plus, enough voters will mistake the movie for the nostalgic love letter to Hollywood that it’s being positioned as (and not as a nuanced take on how we delude ourselves in our illusory reflections of ourselves, a truth that the response to Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood stands as a meta-testament to).

While we’re on the subject: if A Hidden Life is as good as the advanced buzz claims, then Tarantino may have to wait for his Best Director trophy…because, at long last, it could be Terry’s year, baby!

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